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Click automatically with this program

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GS Auto Clicker is a free program that allows you to click automatically on your device without pressing the mouse with your fingers. Thanks to this tool, the user can improve performance in a more routine and monotonous task, make progress in some kind of work without having to be present, and even take advantage of this feature to play video games.

GS Auto Clicker is the ideal tool to save time and effort if the user performs the same activity during working hours. Installing it is very simple, as it takes only seconds. Once the program has been started, the user has to configure its operation, which may seem somewhat complex at first due to all the options it offers. You can select single or multiple clicks and determine the time interval you click and the number of times. In addition, in the configuration, you can choose the point on the screen where you want to perform these actions. Once the GS Auto Clicker tasks have been configured, press F8 to start the program.

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With these features, the user can automate different tasks that can exhaust your fingers when clicking with the mouse. Thanks to its great customization and simple interface, you can perform all kinds of actions without spending time and energy.

Reviewed by Lucía Herrero Translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Information about GS Auto Clicker 1.2

License Free
Op. System Mac
Category Miscellaneous
Language English
Downloads 26,958
Date Aug 23, 2022
Content Rating Not specified
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3 reviews


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